Do you know about the 14 apps recommended by PR professionals?

Easy Fun Interactive And the list continues… Apps have always made lives easier and relaxed for everyone practically. Efficiency has increased in work...

AI for PR proves different from AI for digital marketing in 2018

Digital marketing and all the ad platforms have already added artificial intelligence at a futuristic space. They are now providing smart insights tha...

Experts suggest ways to profit from digital marketing through 2028

Digital marketing and social media already go hand in hand for every online niche. Experts suggest that this bond will even continue till the year 202...

Public relations proves less effective when one becomes a victim

The Public Relations sector is seeing a major risk in this highly competitive market. Major PR professionals are now falling victim to some unwanted s...

Unlock why JoTo PR’S AI is having a Great Influence on Public Relations

“Artificial Intelligence is not a threat to the human race but an imperative tool to embrace.” This sounded so right while brewing a life in 2018 beca...

Google Assistant Digital Marketing Update Adds Visual Walkthrough of an Entire Day

Google has come up with another robust update giving a curated summarization of its users’ daily life through ‘visual snapshot’. Featuring one’s daily...

Digital PR strategies conference 2018 to discuss communication campaigns & more

Slotted for 31st July 2018, the Digital PR Strategies Conference is going to be hosted by the Asher Russell Pte Ltd. It will take place at the One Far...

Twitter’s new digital marketing initiative shuts down locked & suspended accounts

Social media giant, Twitter has recently started to remove all of its locked accounts from follower counts. This company states how this will initiate...


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