India Protests

Dear Friends,

This post of mine is not related to our profession but we wish we can involve our profession and do something for the Delhi rape victim.

Apologies for using this platform to convey this message.

Some of us (PR Professionals) have got together to do something to ensure safety of women and force government to take immediate steps to make India a rape free nation.

We have started a movement called “India Protests 26”. Details are given below.

India Protests 26 is a movement to ensure safety of women and make India Rape Free. Through his movement we plan to do something that has never happened in India. We will protest to ensure justice for the Delhi rape victim in a most peaceful manner ever, on 26th January, 2013. But this protest will be different. We will not come out on streets with placards and shout slogans but will stay indoors and boycott the republic day celebrations as we don’t want to witness India’s show of strength that is not even capable of providing basic safety for women.

Let there be empty stands at the parade and let government speak for themselves. Join us to make this movement successful.

Face book:

Twitter: @indiaprotests26 – and we will be using the hash tag #indiaprotests


While some may say that we will not be able to achieve anything out of this, and it’s a too big an action that can be actually achieved but we want to do this. Even if we are not successful, we will be able to give force to this ongoing agitation. We invite you all to join the Facebook page, tweet using this hash tag and our tweeter handle, write blogs etc and generate awareness. Journalists friends can help spread the message about the campaign by giving some space to the movement in the media. Lets use all that we know and make this movement successful.

Calling all PR Professionals, Web Developers/Designers, Social Media Professionals/App Developers to come forward and use their skills to make this initiative successful and impactful.



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  • Loknath Swain

    I shall join the protest .

    It seems Indian Govt is prepared to suppress all protest that will be around this sad and unfortunate . We must not allow the brutal suppression of the public protest by the government to stop this movement for change. We should take all possible efforts to voice our concern on the matter.

    • Vikram Kharvi

      Dear Loknath,

      You can be a great support to the movement. Please suggest how we can take this forward. How we can gather more support. In the meantime please Like the page Will make you a moderator of the page and we can take things forward from there

      Best Regards


  • amithpr

    This parade has families of VIPs. Common men and women don’t even get passes to this. Great effort but will be futile. Would be helpful if you managed to get passes and do not go to the parade.