Bianchi Public Relations firm named among top PR firms in the U.S

Based in Detroit, the Bianchi Public Relations, Inc. received an accolade from PRWeek’s latest rankings recently, emerging as one of the top PR firms...

Public Relations Conference put “ethics” the first bencher to avoid reputation risk!

The code of ethics, if not followed properly, often takes an industry on the verge of reputation risk, isn’t it? “Ethics is nothing more than reverenc...

Google’s Smart Compose becomes a digital marketing endeavor composing emails by itself

Google’s I/O keynote podium saw the unveiling of Gmail’s new feature, Smart Compose, pioneered by the search engine’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. A nouveau wa...

Walmart Flipkart deal breaks new path for digital marketing activities

Walmart bought 77% of India’s biggest online retail site, Flipkart for an amount of $16 billion. This is the world’s biggest ecommerce wrap up. Seeing...

Where do millennial find inspiration for creating digital media content?

With innumerable numbers of digital media content available, it becomes quite tough to curate original ones. If you are a millennial and want to creat...

Future of PR is about creating a shareable experience – PRCAI to nurture the growth of the industry

The Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI) has elected a new executive committee at its recently held annual general meeting. Nitin...

Facebook unveils new omnichannel reporting tool and an analytics app

Amongst all the allegations surrounding the provision of personal information to Cambridge Analytica which was later used to manipulate voters in the...

American Business Awards crowns 5WPR as public relations agency of the year

The annually held American Business Awards 2018 crowned 5WPR as the Public Relations Agency of the Year with a Silver Stevie award. The company has al...

How is Amazon Kindle with ads doing in the digital marketing domain?

To bring the prices of Kindle down for easing customers’ pockets, Amazon began offering “Special Offers” with it as part of their digital marketing st...

Twitter’s “Trending” offers businesses with real-time client sentiment insight

Launched back in 2013, the “Trending” feature of Twitter is businesses to use it as a powerful digital marketing tool. The algorithm that the company...


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