Here are 5 public relations strategies that can prevail in 2018

With new technological advancements coming out each hour and day, the old school Public Relations reps are spiralling in a whirlpool trying to get a g...

5 killer digital marketing trends on Instagram in 2018

There is a new ruler in the hood of social media – and that is Instagram! It's powerful and a fun tool allowing you to market your brand by reaching h...

Snapchat redefines social media management with the new 2018 edition

Feb first week, 2018 saw Snapchat releasing its statement upon its upcoming edition. Their 2018 redesign has been planned with a twist in the tale. Sn...

Leading PR consultant Amrit Ahuja joins Facebook India this Feb 2018

Amrit Ahuja took over the post of Director of Communications for Facebook India team on 1st February 2018. Ahuja, who had been asked to join way back...

Why does your company needs PR despite social media presence?

PR is often misunderstood with social media marketing by new start-ups and mid-level companies alike.  While having both can make a significant impact...

Upcoming super bowl 2018 reveals the importance of Digital Marketing

New trends in digital marketing have arisen as the date for Super Bowl 2018 nears by. Top American brands are betting equally on the internet for comm...

Hancock’s app is a classic example of attention seeking social media management

British tory politician and cultural secretary, Matt Hancock has launched an app that is named after him. In an attempt to escalate his social media p...

Have social media influencers become the game changer of digital marketing?

Digital marketing has become an indispensable part of each and every person’s daily life.  We are literally living in a virtual world where marketing...


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