Data Dynamos to Grace the Podium at PR News’ Measurement Hall of Fame

PR News’ Measurement Hall of Fame recently launched Data Dynamos Awards Program that will bring the limelight upon those “under-the-radar” communicato...

Radio in Challenge to Find Its Way in This Trending Digital Age

The radio industry seems to be facing challenge to survive in this rapid era of digital revolution. Holding onto listeners along with advertisers has...

5 Tips of Successfully Marketing Your Product to Millennial Moms

Connected? Check! On every social media? Check! Online buyer? Check! The new age mommies are decoding the layers of digital marketing in a whole new d...

Pinterest Witnesses 50% YoY Rise in SMB Advertisements

As per latest reports, Pinterest has reported the presence of more than 1.5 million businesses on its website, aimed trivially to connect to their res...

Personalization through Augmented Reality emerges as digital marketing inventory!

It was the summer of 2016, when a new smartphone game hit the markets paying tribute to the loyal Pokémon fans – within a few weeks, it was the most p...

New York based CCI reveals their insight into global Public Relations landscape

CCI or Corporate Communication International based in New York conducts extensive research and survey on Public Relations officials of Fortune 500 com...

Oklahoma churches imbibe digital marketing services to go live!

Media Fusion, the streaming technology provider showed how people of today watch Easter online. All thanks to Oklahoma Churches who went for a new dig...

How digital marketing can influence hospitality marketing in 2018!

With the advent of internet and social media, the current marketing scenario has changed a lot. Digital marketing is continuously unfolding itself int...

Corporate Communications Lead Redfern to Switch from Starbucks to Salesforce

Simon Redfern, Chief of Starbucks’s EMEA corporate communications group, will switch organizational insignias to assume responsibility as VP communica...


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