How digital marketing on Pinterest can be your ultimate branding treasure land?

Heard about the “Pin” uproar lately? With more than 75 million “pins” getting posted, Pinterest turns to be the ultimate brand marketing platform for...

Instagram’s GIFs hit Snapchat’s digital marketing brand game directly!

Instagram recently announced to its users that they can now add GIF stickers to photos and videos with amazing cool effects. The GIFs make up for an o...

Barun Jha of PTI, Adfactors’ Madan Bahal,  win top honours at PRCI Global Conclave

PUNE: Barun Jha, joint editor of Press Trust of India (PTI) and Madan Bahal, Managing Director of Adfactors have been felicitated with prestigious PRC...

KFC’s PR team overcomes nightmarish situation with clever 3-words trick!

KFC, the mega-giant manufacturer of fried chicken worldwide, just ran out of chicken supply leading to closing down of more than 100 outlets. Their PR...

Digital Advertising Changes Course for Marketing Communications, 2018

5th March, 2018:  Advertising invades every possible digital marketing medium to connect more with customers be it social media platforms or any web p...

Online PR branding strategies to look for in 2018!

The third month of the year has begun and a vision to perform better and bigger for your firm engulfs you into a promising trance. Public relations de...

Brad Parscale to handle Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign via Digital Marketing

February, 2018: President Trump has geared up for a powerful fight back for the 2020 presidential election by appointing the guru of digital marketing...

Google Doodles pose as a unique media logo for brand imagery!

The media of digital reality is evolving fast and brand new marketing techniques are coming up hoping to catch up with the hyper-competitive market. F...

WPRF gears up for 10th conference on PR and communication management

The World Public Relations Forum is all set to welcome leading global communities for its 10th session on PR and Communication Management conference....

Google’s Chrome web launches effective digital marketing strategy- ad-blocker!

Unwanted and intrusive ads often destroy user experience in the virtual world. For this, Google launched a counteractive digital marketing strategy to...


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